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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 28, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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monday february 28th. 3
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today marks two months since phylicia barnes disappeared. the 16-yyar old from north carolina ... vanished while visiting family in baltimore for the christmas police continue to search ... friends and family will hold a prayer vigil tonight. tonight.megan gilliland iis live outside the apartments, where they're expected to gathe. gaaher.good morning patrice, we're live at the reisterstown square apartments, this is where phylicia barnes was last there's been no sign of her... her... expect for the dozens of fliers and billboards.. herr face now appears on.there's been widespread support from the community, hoping to find groups, like the guardian aagels are helping in the search for phylicia. but ven with all that... phylicia's father fears that people... and even police... may forget about her as the case grows cold. 40:52 - 41:04"so we want to keep the light going and tell everyone we have aith... we think someone has her and
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they're not letting her go." go."they're hoping someone will come forward.until that happens... they continue to pray. &pa vigil will be held at 6-33 tonight right here at the reisterstown square apartments. live in baltimore county, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. police continue to look for the person responsible foo stabbing a man to death in a home in southwest baltimore. baltimore.a relative found the afternoon at the clifton avenue home. the victii was 62-year-old ... police don't have any suspects at this time. 3 a robot is brought to a home in glen burnie ... after a maintenance worker discovers a suspicious package. police used the bomb- detecting robot to investigate the package on north dublin road. it was safely removed ... no word yet on what it actually was. no one was home at the time of the incident. a woman is found unconcious in her harford county home after a fire... and later dies.but
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now authorities believe she may be the victim of an assault. assault.44 year old kathleen &pellis was found unconcious attempted c-p-r...but were unable to save her.according to the dispatchers' report, the caller... said she had been raped. then she said quote - "he's going to..."but the call was lost. :22 "a call was received to the 911 dispatch center.":32 that she was in distress and needed assistance." assistance."the state fire marshall is investigating... along with harford county sheriff's department. a johns hopkins student is hit by a car while riding his bike. happened around noon ssturday afternoon.police say an 83 year old woman hit the student while he was riding in a bicycle lane ...near west 39th and univeristy parkway. the student was rushed to the hospital... after medics pulled him from underneath the car. hospital officials say he is expected to recover. but some students remain uneasy about the safett of the aree.
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kim 30:55 thought it was crazy. i mean, i walk across and it mmkes you think t could've me it could've been one of my friends 03 brianna 34:58 i know about the aaea it's kind of dangerous, so as much as it's upsetting it's not always completely happen around campus 07ings do - 07the driver who struck the student isn't expected to be officials rejected the idea of building a footbridge near campus.but they hooe the redesign of charles street... will improve safety. the clock is ticking for muammar al-qaddafi. as marianne rafferty tells us, the u-n is partnering with world leaders...trying to figure out a way to push him out of libya...before the ---------------------------- -------------------------------- --------ecretary of state around the world in geneva.rom their mission is to discuss a response to the mounting humanitarian crisis in libya. weeks of death toll is mounting...and has claimed somewhere around one-thousand
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victims.mussab says: "these militia and these troopers they come from qaddafi. they shoot these people by heavy guns."angry libyans took out their frustrations on a &pábillboardá of leader muammar al-qaddafi.and on sunday...wwst of tripoli... hhndreds of protesters stood on top of anti-aircraft gunn and armored vehicles...waving banners and flags....chanting against qaddafi.a number of countries have been evacuating foreignerssby air aad sea. north says: "i feel sad for the people that are left. and i mean the libyan people that are invvlved in this. it's a tragedy."in maata... planes full of evacuees touch down. it's been a tough time ffr these people....picked up by the brittsh military and taken to safety.mos sayss "in the back of a dump truck for a couple of days. / it hasn't been a good week."(rafferty on cam tag)the u-n secuuity councii voted 15 to zeroooo saturday to impose an arms embargg.the vote urged u-n member coontries to freeze the assets of qadhafi and his new york - marianne &p b-g-e has restored power to more than 95-thousand customers affected by friday's
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blustery weatherr.. just over a thousand families in our area are waking up without electricity because of it.most of those outages are in baltimore county and baltimore city. 3 wind gusts of more than 60 milessper hour took down region. those trees brought down power lines with them, making thh restoration process hat much more difficult. 3 3 3 "in fact it did more damage than last month's snow storms...........damage to our " equipment." more than 300 extra crews were brought in from out of town to help b-g-e gee theelights back on. take a look at this.. amazing video out of d-c of metro escalator that ccllapsed back in october.the surveillance footage was just shows people tumbling doww l'enfaat plaza metrr station happened shortly after a rally --- when metro experienced
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it's highest ridership for a saturday.five people were hurt and one suffered serious injuries.metro officials say poor maintenance led to the accident. its boardwalk..and they want your opinion.. on how to do it. issthe llst day you can vote n an online poll about what the boardwalk surface should be made of. there are three choices...all wood..wood with a plain surface with a stamped d wood concrete train lane.there will be a public hearing on the issue in march... where the poll results will be revealed.. and renovations will start this fall. cast your vote go to our website.. foxbaltimore dot ccm.. slash morning. 3&&p a deer on the eastern shore decides it wants a dose.. of the great áindoors.á a male deer broke into a home for than an hour. but just like a bull in a china shop.. it wasn't too graceful during its visit... and put holes in walls and leet bloody nosee
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prints everywhere.the deer eventually left the home on his wn nd no one was injured. a seattle reporter goes from reporting the news... to ábecomingá the ews... after he finds himself in he middle of a nasty fight.take a look. shomari stone says he was working a story... when he noticed a man nearby.... being beaten by someone who was aacusing him of robbbry.that's when the reporter jumped in to help. "hey stop man.........gonna hurt him dude" dude."the guy doing the beating eventually takes off. luckily... the man being beaten up escapes with no serioos injuries. coming up on the early edition... thunder...lightening ...boom! we're not in kansas anymore , toto!find out where this twister landed. landed. 3 3 3 3
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mooher naturr made her llst niggt!several counties were under a tornado watch. funnel clouds broke off form evening. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteooologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber maa 195 map
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you'd think a ship that's more than 150 years old wouldn't have any mysteries left onboard. but a new discovery is a big problem for the folks that run thee u.s.s. constellation. joel d. smith is live at sparrows point ship yard to explain why it's noo in dry-dock. good morning jool d. d. 3 3 live at sparrows point shipyard, joel d. smith, fox 45 morninn news
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it's the last place you want to drop an "f" bomb.who said the bad word.. at the oscars. laughing youngest .. and cutest.. - youtube sensation.what made this baby laugh so hard. ((bump out)) p(break 2)) 3
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@h, the eighty third academy
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awards was a glitzy night of who's on top in tinsel town. ashley dvorkin has more on holllwood's biggest nightt night.::29-:41 &pcolin firth / best actor winnr :53-:58 natalie actress winner1:14-1:20 mellissa leo / best actress winnersupporting leo / best 1:14-1:20 mellissa leo / best supporting actress winner 1:20-1:26 christian bale / best supporting actor winner ashley dvorkin/ fox news (off cam fox news tag) it's was a crowning moment for his majesty, as the king's speech did what was predicted, taking this year's oscar's top prize winning best picture. winning 4 out of their 12 possible awards, this small budget 15 million dollar indie, also took best director anddbest acting honors for colin firth. firth says, "i've started having
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fantasies about what i'll do when i don't have to talk to you lot. no, it's lovely company. no, i think i'm going to cook a lot. also going to no, it's lovely company. have tootalk to you lot. what i'll do when i don't have to talk to you lot. no, it's lovely company. no, i think i'm going to cook a lot. also confirming oodsmakers, natalie portman who is in her 5th month of pregnancy, danced her way to the best actress win. portman says, "the baby was definitely kicking a lottduriig the song portion of the show, little dancer." two fighters won the supporting acting categories with christian bale and mellissa leo, who slipped a little ddring her acceptance speech.leo says, "i really don't really mean to offend in probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word. bale says, "i missed the f bomb but you know i laid down many of them myself before." although it didd't win best picture, "inception" dreamed big winning 4 statues including
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special ffects and cinematography other show highlights include kirk douglas's impromptu supporting actress presentation -- and perhaps the best acceptance speech of the night was given luke mathaeny cc-host anne hathaway entertained the crowd by changing gowns every 3 time out, changing gowns crowd by entertained the hathaway co-host anne mathaeny hathaway enterttined the crowd by chhnging gowns every time out, making james franco a bit jealous. in ollywood, ashley dvorkin fox news. straight ahead... a small victory in wisconsin.why people there are celebrating! celebrating! ""he truthhis... when it comes to our economy it's our small businesses that pack the biggest punch. especially when it comes to emp. employment.and.. some small
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business owners say they're not sseing the big payoff from the stimulus package aimed to keep them a float.the presidentts response to their claim. ((break 3)) president so you closed your savings account and buried all your money. yeah, my savings weren't growing, too many traps and fees, it's better off in a hole in the ground. where's the hole ? i got a map. where's the map ? it's tattooed on my back. nobody knows about it-- just me and the guy who did the tattoo.
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touch the ball, son. put your savings where they'll grow. get an orange savings account. no fees. no minimums. no tattoos. i should go get the shovel. america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger,
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send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. obama and members of his cabinee went to cleveland where he convened a "winning the future" forum on small business. the white opportunity for the president to hhar directly frrm small business owners and leaders about their ideas for how the nation's economy can continue to grow and create more jobs. the forum included breakout sessions n entrepreneurship, access to capital, worrforce development, exports and clean is... when it comes to our economy it's our small businesses that pack the biggest punch. especially when entrepreneurs like each of the ones who are here today create two out of every hree new jobs in this country. so, pou're the corner stones of the community."barnes on cam:
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"while president continues tt push small business job creation, there is evidence from entrepneurs themselves that his $800 billion economic stimulus plan has not really stimulated many jobs in the small business sector." in the two years since the president signed the package into law, some small-business owners attribute their companies' survival to the stimulus package. yyt many say the plan has fallen short of their expectations. somme 80% of small, closely held firms said that publicly traded companies got the bulk of stimulus benefits, according o pepperdine university's prrvate capital markets 2011 economic forecast report, released in january. that's in line with a survey cooducted in februury 2010 by discover financial services in which 70% of smaal stimulus had no impact on their business.barnes on cam: "that's it for this ediiion of the small business report. cooing up... a baltimore city police officer --- working overnights.still
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